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Current Projects

Descriptions on our current projects and programs.

The backbone of our yearly programming, CRE Roundtable Discussions draw in faculty from all three Rutgers campuses and a variety of departments, programs and schools for informal discussions and presentations.  Cross-disciplinary in nature, these discussions bring together scholars from different backgrounds to speak on a common theme related to race and ethnicity broadly, with the goal being to determine points of commonality as well as divergence. A newsletter is created from each discussion, so that the highlights of the discussion may live on.

Past Roundtable topics may be found in our Event Archive, as well as in our Newsletter section.  We are currently scheduling Roundtable Discussions for the upcoming academic year.  If you have suggestions for a program you'd like to take part in, or see happen, please let us know!  You can e-mail Senior Program Coordinator Mia Kissil if you would like to suggest a topic for a roundtable discussion. 

Information about teaching activities that take place within the Center for Race and Ethnicity.

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