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Books published by CRE Staff, Affiliated Faculty and in the Rutgers Studies in Race and Ethnicity series, published by Rutgers University Press.

The third in Rutgers University Press's Rutgers Studies on Race and Ethnicity series, Race and Retail:  Consumption Across the Color Line (July 2015) is a collection of essays that documents the ways retail establishments, both past and present, have catered to specific ethnic and racial groups.  It seeks to illuminate the complex play of forces at work in racialized retail markets and the everyday impact of those forces on minority consumers. 

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Available from Rutgers University Press

Genetics and the Unsettled Past:  The Collision of DNA, Race and History (March 2012).  The second volume in the Rutgers University Press series on Race and Ethnicity, and written for a general audience, the book's essays consider how the alignment of genetic science with commercial geneology, legal and forensic developments, and pharmaceutical innovation lends renewed authority to biological understandings of race and history. 


Available through Rutgers University Press.

Katrina's Imprint: Race and Vulnerability in America (July 2010) Edited by Keith Wailoo, Karen M. O'Neill, Jeffrey Dowd, and Roland Anglin.

Wailoo_L"This book is the best treatment we have of the American catastrophe called Katrina. These sophisticated views and powerful voices constitute the most formidable challenge to each of us in regards to race and justice!" -Cornel West, Princeton University

Katrina’s Imprint highlights the power of this sentinel American event and its continuing reverberations in contemporary politics, culture, and public policy. Published on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the multidisciplinary volume reflects on how history, location, access to transportation, health care, and social position feed resilience, recovery, and prospects for the future of New Orleans and the Gulf region. Essays examine the intersecting vulnerabilities that gave rise to the disaster, explore the cultural and psychic legacies of the storm, reveal how the process of rebuilding and starting over replicates past vulnerabilities, and analyze Katrina’s imprint alongside American’s myths of self-sufficiency. A case study of new weaknesses that have emerged in our era, this book offers an argument for why we cannot wait for the next disaster before we apply the lessons that should be learned from Katrina.

pdf Read a positive review of the book , featured in the journal Contemporary Sociology (Vol. 40, No. 6, Nov. 2011)

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