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An archive of all Center for Race and Ethnicity Newsletters, 2006-present.


pdf CRE Newsletter 1-1, Oct. 2007 Popular

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Hispanic Identities in the New Millenium

pdf CRE Newsletter 1-2, Nov. 2007 Popular

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Criminal Differences:  Race, Ethnicity and American Justice

pdf CRE Newsletter 1-4, Jan. 2008 Popular

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Beyond the Digital Divide:  Race, Ethnicity and the New Media

pdf CRE Newsletter 1-5, Feb. 2008 Popular

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Download (pdf, 168 KB)


Race, Ethnicity and Film

pdf CRE Newsletter 1-6, Mar. 2008 Popular

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Download (pdf, 89 KB)


Race and Photography:  The Photo that Shocked America.

pdf CRE Newsletter 1-7, Mar. 2008 Popular

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Race, Ethnicity and the Impact of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

pdf CRE Newsletter 1-8, Apr. 2008 Popular

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Between Privilege and Prosperity:  Perspectives on New Jersey Disparities.

pdf CRE Newsletter 10-1 Popular

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CRE Newsletter 10-1.pdf

pdf CRE Newsletter 10-2 Popular

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Newsletter 10.2 .pdf

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-1, September 2008 Popular

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New Rutgers University Scholarship on Race and Ethnicity

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-2, October 2009 Popular

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Running Against Stereotype:  Race, Gender, Age and Politics 2008.

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-3, November 2008 Popular

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Gender, Ethnicity and Race:  Global Perspectives

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-4, January 2009 Popular

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CREnewsletter2-4 final.pdf

One New Jersey:  Preparing for the Coming Challenge

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-5, March 2009 Popular

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CREnewsletter2-5 final.pdf

The Graduate Experience at the Center:  Remaking Education and Research

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-6, April 2009 Popular

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Debating the Role of Race in Displacement and Opportunity.

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-7, May 2009 Popular

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CREnewsletter2-7 final.pdf

3rd Annual Faculty Forum on Race and Ethnicity

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-8, May 2009 Popular

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CRE Newsletter 2-8.pdf

The Difference Difference Makes:  Assessing the Value of Diversity

pdf CRE Newsletter 2-9, June 2009 Popular

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Surveillance and Segregation: The Case of the Roma

pdf CRE Newsletter 3-1, August 2009 Popular

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Remaking Undergraduate Education:  A Model of Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Teaching

pdf CRE Newsletter 3-10, May 2010 Popular

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CREnewsletter3-10 final.pdf

4th Annual Faculty Forum on Race and Ethnicity

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