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Repository for event information from 2016-2017 AY


pdf 10th Grad Forum CFP Popular

By 429 downloads

Download (pdf, 217 KB)

10th Grad Forum CFP - final.pdf

pdf 11th Faculty Forum on Race and Ethnicity Popular

By 561 downloads

Download (pdf, 142 KB)

11th faculty forum flyer final1.pdf

Flyer for 11th Faculty Forum on Race and Ethnicity, 9/23/2016

pdf 11th Faculty Forum program final Popular

By 520 downloads

Download (pdf, 84 KB)

11th Faculty Forum program - final.pdf

Program for 11th Faculty Forum for Race and Ethnicity, held 9/23/2016

pdf 13th flyer final Popular

By 521 downloads

Download (pdf, 269 KB)

13th flyer final.pdf

Flyer for Film Screening of 13TH, a documentary by Ava DuVernay, held 11/7/2016

pdf Book talk flyer final Popular

By 410 downloads

Download (pdf, 135 KB)

Book talk flyer final.pdf

Flyer for Book Talk featuring Lisa Miller and Michael Fortner

document Call for Proposals: 11th Faculty Forum Popular

By 488 downloads

Download (docx, 15 KB)

11th annual faculty forum invite_general.docx

Call for Proposals for 11th Faculty Forum on Race and Ethnicity

pdf WhoRUFlyerVersion4 Popular

By 517 downloads

Download (pdf, 226 KB)


Flyer for Who RU? Documenting Diversity at Rutgers (undergraduate event), held 10/19/2016

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